Genesis Space launch background

Genesis Space was jointly initiated by NEXON and the community developers of the Darknet Defender team,
DEFI+NFT+Chain Game+Meta Universe, invested and developed by many well-known venture capital institutions such as International Data Group (IDG), Digital Currency Group (DGC), Genesis One Capital, Kosmos Capital, Fundamental Labs, Galaxy
Digital, etc. The blockchain virtual game world.

Introduction to Genesis Space

Genesis Space is a blockchain-based virtual game world. Through GST, a functional token based on TRON, players can create and own different game experiences, and benefit from it. Game players can create their own game equipment into NFT through Genesis Space, upload it to the store, and create a game experience through a simple drag-and-drop method and obtain revenue by selling their own game equipment NFT.

Genesis Space aims to create a GameFi world on the chain, and establish a globalized, decentralized, cross-platform, high liquidity, and unified asset value guaranteed game publishing and pan-travel community ecosystem. Through the advantages of real ownership, digital scarcity, profitability and interoperability brought by blockchain technology, we will attract more encrypted and non-encrypted game enthusiasts and bring blockchain into the mainstream gaming world. Blockchain combines virtual and reality technologies to empower global game CP, benefit every player, create a blockchain ecology for the traditional game industry, and provide basic support for the entire blockchain game industry.

Genesis Space core solution

  • The Cryptokitties game was launched that year, It attracted great interest and caused congestion in the Ethereum network. However, due to the playability and the problems of Ethereum itself, this game fell to the bottom after a short period of speculation, including most games in the same period. No one cares now.

  • Genesis Space uses VR, distributed storage, smart contracts, etc. Technology, built a high degree of freedom decentralization in the virtual world Linkage ecology to create more free and efficient for players in the game world The NFT asset swap agreement provides high-quality multi-form products based on Dapp games + DeFi, game + NFT asset synthesis, and NFT + DeFi, ultimately achieving the perfect integration of DeFi + NFT + chain games.

Business integration

Genesis Space will fully integrate various game resource advantages, regional advantages, service advantages, Team advantage and brand advantage not only indicate that Genesis Space has entered a new stage of its own development, but also embodies Genesis Space's deep cultivation operation in the game industry integration and scale developers. Genesis Space combines multiple game resources and elements in different ways, divides and integrates business formats, reconstructs the game network, builds an information system, summarizes experience, and improves processes. At the same time, Genesis Space will establish a new business model of multi-format integration based on the multi-directional integration of the business circle based on the game industry link IP shaping, fan economy, online and offline communication circles, etc.


Genesis Space uses blockchain technology combined with DeFi and NFTs to enhance the capabilities of players and creators. DeFi is a decentralized asset, contract, agreement and application built on the blockchain. Really store and record everything that happens on the chain.
NFT is an emerging part of the global game market, representing digital scarcity, security and authenticity of virtual tokens. Each function is unique and indivisible.
By using DeFi and NFT, Genesis Space users will benefit from the following aspects:

  • True digital ownership

    All game equipment and assets are on the chain. Players mark each game item through NFT, allowing players to decide how they want to trade, sell or give away their items.

  • Security and immutability

    Genesis Space uses blockchain technology to put games on the chain and store them in a distributed manner to ensure the security of the game. At the same time, the non-tampering feature of the blockchain ensures that game programs, assets, etc. are not tampered with.

  • Decentralized exchange

    Based on DEFI and NFT, Genesis Space can confirm the rights of all information assets and put them on the chain, ensuring that players can freely buy and sell items in a decentralized manner.

  • Cross-application interoperability

    Genesis Space uses NFT to confirm the rights of assets, avatars, land and any other game elements, and records and uploads them on the chain through DEFI. Allow game elements to be used across applications in other games.


Meta universe is a virtual world parallel to the real world and always online. In this virtual world, liquidity is very important. Whether it is people, objects or products, liquidity is needed. Therefore, as Genesis Space, which integrates DEFI+NFT+chain game+metauniverse, will launch a liquid mining pool to attract more players to participate and increase the liquidity of Genesis Space.

  • Players can pledge GST to the liquidity pool according to the liquidity pool mechanism launched by Genesis Space to increase liquidity and gain income through the game experience.

  • Players can gain revenue by creating NFTs from their game equipment and conducting premium NFT transactions in Genesis Space, while increasing liquidity.

  • Genesis Space combines a liquidity mining pool with a reward mechanism to give more value to the NFT itself. And through the reward mechanism to create an ecological consensus, enhance the value of GST and NFT.

DeFi Economic System: GST-BANK

Genesis Space is a virtual game world based on blockchain. It will establish a complete economic system, which we call GST-BANK. Genesis Space will be distributed through DeFi The open source agreement establishes a transparent, accessible and inclusive peer-to-peer economic system (GST-BANK), which minimizes the risk of trust and allows players to obtain benefits more easily and conveniently. And to ensure that all players' assets are permanently stored on the chain and are true and effective. At the same time, attract more players to participate and build an ecological consensus of Genesis Space. Jointly build the ecological closed loop of Genesis Space.
In this economic system, players will be provided with services such as decentralized payment, savings, transaction settlement, lending, insurance, and derivatives trading.

  • Decentralization Pay

  • On-chain savings

  • Decentralization Transaction settlement

  • Decentralization Borrowing

  • Smart Contract Insurance

  • Decentralization Derivatives trading

Genesis Space Architecture

  • Real-time layer

    Enable visitors in the user world to communicate with each other. Space ownership is established on the consensus layer

  • Consensus layer

    GGenesis Space maintains the land ownership ledger in the virtual world through smart contracts

  • Content distribution layer

    Genesis Space uses a decentralized storage system to distribute the content needed for the virtual world

Genesis Space advantage highlights

In a highly creative world, users have a way to create and earn wealth at any time, and realize the concept of NFT assets by freely transferring, selling or creating any content you want to achieve.

  • Hybrid storage system based on IPFS/Storj/Cloud Service

  • Support multi-chain and cross-chain high performance Underlying platform

  • Open NFT ecosystem, create Has unique attributes and rarity levels NFT

  • BaaS that can be efficiently implemented Application platform

  • Anyone can create NFT, conduct NFT mining, auction and trading

Genesis Space application scenario

Genesis Space is a blockchain virtual game world integrating DEFI+NFT+chain games+metauniverse. It will further develop and use NFTs, DEFI liquidity, identity authentication system, The economic system, social system, and cultural system, etc., will be gradually improved.
All users can participate in the creation and experience in the Genesis Space world, and can even rely on the development of platform content and program experience to gain revenue.

  • NFTs

  • defi

  • Identity Authentication System

  • Economic System

  • Social System

  • Cultural system

Nexon Corporation

NEXON is a South Korean computer game company founded in May 1995 and headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. It develops casual online games. Its main works include Rocky, Rocky Heroes, Dungeon and Warriors (DNF), Crazy Agi: Bouncing Water Agi (Bubble Hall/Bouncing Water Agi), Running Kart, Skywing Chain, God's Domain, MapleStory (Maple Valley), Counter-Strike Online and Counter-Strike Online2, etc.
In Taiwan, most NEXON games are operated by Gamania's agents; while in Mainland China, they are operated by Tencent Games, Shanda Networks and Shiji Tiancheng. In addition, Neopet's new clothing cabinet function and NC Mall are all developed by NEXON.

Dark Web Defender

Dark Web Anonymous Organization Defender Organization is a stranger from all over the world, financial experts from Wall Street, cryptocurrency cryptography Experts, the world’s top technology Geeks, several economists, and financial predators, as well as technical elites from world-renowned universities such as Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge University, and New York University, as well as from Hewlett-Packard, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Computer experts from multinational giants such as IBM reached a consensus and created Defender in 2004, dedicated to researching blockchain technology, intending to build a new business ecosystem on a global scale.

GST token description

GST is a TRON-based native TRX-20 token issued by Genesis Space, which will be used for incentives, governance, casting, and destruction within the Genesis Space ecosystem.

  • ● Pledge

    Users holding GST tokens can obtain additional pledge benefits, which can be obtained through pledges in various types of games published or supported by Genesis Space, or other ecosystems.

  • ● Governance

    Genesis Space will implement a regular DAO governance mechanism to enable GST holders to obtain voting rights by staking their tokens in designated products

  • ● Casting

    In games or other ecosystems published or supported by Genesis Space, users who hold GST tokens can synthesize NFT assets according to their rules, and obtain long-tail benefits from synthetic NFT assets.

  • ● Payment

    Players can use GST to make various in-game payments

  • ● Destroy

    Genesis Space will adopt a destruction plan and will be destroyed according to a specific destruction mechanism, up to 180,000 pieces

  • ● Circulation

    GST is launched on the secondary market, which can realize trading and circulation in the global market

  • ● Reserve

    Reserve tokens will be allocated for future plans and support communities, marketing, exchange fees and long-term liquidity

GST token issuance and distribution plan

The platform token is Genesis Space, abbreviation: GST, Chinese name: Origin Space

Total tokens: 2 million

Mining: 80%

Private placement: 13%

Airdrop: 2%

Foundation: 5%

Mining: 80%

Private sale: 13%

Airdrop: 2%

Foundation: 5%

Deflationary destruction mechanism

  • Deflation: 1:1 (Pledge: mining pool)

  • Trading dividend burn: 1% (Destroy 0.6%; dividend 0.4% is based on the amount of currency held by the network under the umbrella)

  • Deflation ends at 180,000

Strategic Planning

December 2018, project discussion and establishment

January 2019 NEXON strategically cooperated with Darknet Defender, Genesis Space officially developed

June 2020 Genesis Space internal Alpha version

August 2020 Complete the first phase of fundraising

August 2021 Genesis Space enters the public beta stage

In September 2021, Genesis Space was officially launched, and liquidity mining was launched

2021.Q4 GST will gradually go online on decentralized exchanges and mainstream centralized exchanges

2022.Q1 Meta universe's first game is online

2022.Q2 Genesis Space develops its own swap exchange

2022.Q3 Genesis Space fully supports NFT free auction transactions

2022.Q4 GST public chain goes online

2023.Q1 Genesis Space builds a player interaction platform and opens DAO governance

2023.Q2 GST will be applied to various NFT products

2023.Q3 gradually launch other meta-universe games

Value Vision

In this industry wave, Genesis Space will provide users with a full range of services based on a global layout and user-oriented principles, and will continuously update high-quality games with asset flow value in the Metaverse sector. Continuously explore the advanced value of "blockchain + meta universe + game", and bring users a super value gaming experience. At the same time, we will empower users with a more professional, high-quality, and responsible vision.

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